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Even in today’s difficult financial state, many small and medium scale companies are recording 20 – 50% annual sales growth. These are not myths as sufficient proof and documents are provided as backup. Major companies are however on a downfall while many firms have shut down operations owing to increasing costs while others have seen a steady downfall in stock markets.

Basic Outsourcing Strategies:

There are however a few accounting outsourcing strategies, which could help regain lost ground. One needs to study the reasons for failure in details along with current market status and needs of people. Need to identify common barriers for expansion, is high; learn important strategies which were effective during the last fiscal growth and compare various model projects and try and implement factors which are similar to both cases.

Various IT and BPO companies were out of order during the major economic meltdown, although some companies managed to survive the blast. This was mainly due to their client list and business strategies. Outsourcing played an important role here as these companies reduced their rates overnight.


These helped large companies, fighting to save every penny, continue with daily work even on a tighter budget, while BPOs and IT firms retained their bulk load of work. Although the outsourcing companies failed to make huge profits during this tenure, they remained in business, unlike other firms which refused to cut down profits momentarily.

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of a business enterprise and is considered a core function as it does not have massive scope for revenue generation. Accounting is however important as it leaves sufficient scope for taking correct financial decisions. Managing financial accounts can be quite cumbersome for the untrained. Hence, most companies opt for outsourcing, to reduce the room for error.

Important of Accounting Outsourcing:

Most companies are busy during peak seasons of operation. Hence, working on financial accounting at such times can be an added burden. Outsourcing solves this typical problem and can simplify the modus operandi of a business firm. If you are bulked up with prior work load and cannot spare time for accounting, hiring a professional is recommended.

Keeping track of cash flow within a business enterprise is an important step, which needs constant monitoring. Hence, if accounting is hampered due to any particular reason, keeping track of income and expenditure becomes difficult. This is where outsourcing is needed. Outsourcing firms are common in Asia, while the major hub is based out of India, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. They offer high service quality at reduced rates. Hence, competition is quite high.

These processes were very helpful during times of emergency and should be implemented in future too. Even though current financial conditions do not need such drastic measures to be implemented, we should still keep it in mind and use it as and when necessary, at a moment’s notice, to ensure effective operations. If you can survive one recession effectively, your firm will boom during the next profit wave. This is a tried and tested policy.

Madhu Agarwal is a Chartered Accountant, having depth knowledge and vast experience in accounting and bookkeeping services and she is constantly sharing her experience via Google+, twitter, facebook & LinkedIn etc.

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