Legal Method of Accounting Outsourcing in India

Legal Process Outsourcing or LPOs, recorded 49% growth recently in India and is hence one of the most important sector, in the country’s economic condition. Research has shown that the Indian market LPO will reach staggering figures of $4 Billion by end 2015. This industry has recorded maximum growth within a span of 10 years and just to give you an idea, we mention that LPO recorded $60 Million in 2005 and $146 Million in 2006.


Prime requirements for a model industry are transparency, flexibility, inclusiveness, fairness, sustainability and predictability. If these are implemented carefully, there should be no hurdles, stopping steady growth in this segment. The pricing objective should be such that both parties mutually benefit from this deal, which encourages others to join the fray.

LPOs are gaining strong foothold in the country as they are of vast importance. Law firms and professionals can get quite busy at times and need help organizing their documents. This is where outsourcing companies come in handy. They offer to regularize documents in exchange for cash benefits.

What are the needs for LPOs and Accounting Outsourcing?

LPOs are commonly found in courts during legal proceedings, judgments, interrogations and legal pleadings etc. Legal data entry in an important part of this process as numerous forms and documents need to be filled out periodically. This is not possible for a single person to sort out and hence professional help is needed. Legal outsourcing companies also provide attorneys and other legal help when required.

Legal Process Outsourcing is not about staffing but managing people and processes, with the help of modern technology. It includes superior analysis and arrangement of data by following certain procedures and classifying information according to predefined guidelines. Data is of massive importance in this industry. Hence, classifying information is of utmost importance in its area of operation.

Evolution of Legal Process Outsourcing:

Infrastructure is of utmost importance in this field. Hence, if you are looking for LPO service providers, look for an organization with predefined infrastructure. Quality of a project needs to be intact, or else it could be relegated. Maintaining a diversified portfolio is of utmost importance in this field. Hence, try and opt for law firms offering a range of services.

Try and engage in long term contracts as it leads to a considerable amount in savings. You could also opt for an in house lawyer if you have the necessary cash flow. Smaller industries are not able to afford such luxuries, hence have to make do with consulting professionals from time to time. Outsourcing helps organizations, search through a massive talent pool. This is needed to break the monotony of dealing with a single set of talent. Experienced lawyers are an asset, although the younger generation can be trusted with smaller projects.

Clients can be sure of complete secrecy while maintaining records. LPOs can deal with most legal hassles and provide quick and efficient solutions to every problem. Once you have made a deal with an outsourcing firm, let them deal with the situation. Interfering with their job is not a good idea as it could lead to serious damage to you reputation.

Madhu Agarwal is a Chartered Accountant, having depth knowledge and vast experience in accounting and bookkeeping services and she is constantly sharing her experience via Google+, twitter, facebook & LinkedIn etc.

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