How to invite your accountant/bookkeeper to Xero File

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Online accounting software is one of the most beneficial technological solutions in the world of accounting today. It enables you to do remote bookkeeping and collaboration from any location. Accounting and bookkeeping tasks can be completed much more quickly with the help of online partnerships. It also saves your business money by cutting down on the need for travel.

Why does my accountant need to have access to my Xero account?

If you do your bookkeeping on Xero, your Xero Accountant will need access to that data so that they can use it to make your year-end accounts, tax returns, VAT returns, management accounts, etc.

If you want your accountant to make a report for you, they will need access to your bookkeeping system. The other option is for them to do the bookkeeping themselves, which will result in a much higher bill for you as the business owner.

The easiest and most effective way to give your accountant access to your bookkeeping data is to provide them with direct access.

How many users can Xero handle?

Sometimes you would like to have more than one person working on your accounting and bookkeeping. Different team members can be in charge of other parts of your business, such as purchases and sales. Or, maybe the accounting and bookkeeping jobs in your business are done by two companies. The good news is that one Xero subscription can be shared among several people. Giving your accountant Xero access also grants them access to your bookkeeper. This is true no matter what Xero plan you’re on.

Giving your accountant and bookkeeper access to Xero will help the workflow. There’s no need to send long emails and ask questions that can quickly be answered by looking at what’s in Xero. If your bookkeeper prepares your business’s records for your year-end accounts, your accountant can log into Xero once everything is ready and start working on your annual accounts. It also works the other way around, so if your accountant needs to make any year-end changes, they can easily do so in Xero.

No need to worry that your Xero bookkeeper made a mistake or forgot something because of year-end adjustments. Some things in accounting only need to be done once a year, right before the final accounts and tax returns are sent in. In most cases, you’ll want to hire an accountant to handle these tasks, including filing your tax returns and keeping track of your finances. These are called year-end adjustments and are a standard part of year-end work. You should consult your accountant for further clarification.

How can I give my accountant access to Xero?

Getting your accountant or bookkeeper access to Xero takes little time or effort. Here are some things your accountant or bookkeeper should be able to help you with:

• The first and last name

• The email address

A step-by-step guide on how to add a new user to Xero:

1. Log into Xero

2. Click on your business name in the top left corner, and from the drop-down menu, choose Settings.

3. Click the section called Users.

4. On the right side at the top, click Invite a user.

5. Enter your accountant or bookkeeper’s email address, first name,  and last name.

6. Select ” Accounting and Business” under “Give them access.” Check these boxes to give your bookkeeper or accountant access to other parts of Xero.

7. Click on the Adviser tab and check all the options.

8. Click Send Invite.

You can then invite your accountant or bookkeeper by emailing them after completing the preceding steps. After that is complete, they will immediately access your Xero system.

Can I send my accountant the Xero reports by email instead?

You could do that, but you wouldn’t be getting the most out of what Xero has to offer the business owner and their accountant.

Your accountant could send you an email with a long list of reports they would need to prepare the accounts (which would take a lot longer), such as:

• Trial Balance

• Profits & Losses

• The Balance Sheet

• Old Creditors

• General Ledger Action

• Aged Debtors

• Bank balancing

The accountants of Xero accounting agency, in general, are well-versed on the platform. It’s a critical element of their daily routine.

Accountants know where to find the data they need in Xero and how to do it quickly.

They won’t need to bother you or go through your paper or PDF report to discover the answer to an inquiry concerning a specific transaction.

By giving your accountant direct access to your Xero account, they will be able to work more efficiently, and you will spend much less time answering their questions.

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