What is the Average Salary of a Bookkeeper in Sydney?

When it comes to financial business arrangements, bookkeeping is known to be the recording and documenting branch of the financial department in the business. In general, a bookkeeper is in charge of payments and purchases by a business or person receipts, keeping a record of the sales book. 

A good enough accountant can then create consultations and reports based on the details collected by the efficient bookkeepers. Bookkeeping is an attractive job option for individuals who want to gather experience and skills with the office part of accounting. They are usually excellent in determining accounting software mathematics. On top of that, a skilled bookkeeper is perfect in their verbal or written communication skills.

While bookkeeping can also be an entry-level spot in many companies. But this career option can provide more career flexibility. A dedicated bookkeeper can move forward with more education and experience to become the main bookkeeper or staff accountant and even the main accountant in charge.

The Salary Aspect

As per the ILS or International Labor statistics, the average annual salary of a bookkeeper is forty thousand Australian dollars per year and about a 30 AD rate per hour. The bookkeeper’s salary in Sydney fluctuates depending on the person’s location, level of experience, and education.

Among them, experience is the most valuable factor. As a professional games experience, there will increase. At the same time, the amounts can fluctuate by location and educational background. Due to the nature of this profession, international labor statistics have reported that a bookkeeper with five years plus experience can earn more than a hundred thousand dollars per year. 

These salary numbers will depend on a professional regional location. Also, whether the business is government-owned, private, or operated by the public. It is also expected that the higher-paid bookkeeping jobs are typically situated in the big metropolitan cities.

The Growing Demand for the Bookkeepers 

There is no confirmation that one will land a job when they have received their degree. But it is essential to understand that the request for bookkeepers is continuously growing. Since bookkeeping is mainly associated with managing finances, it can be a significant driving force. Every company requires at least one bookkeeping professional to deal with their business accounts. 

In a few cases, huge corporations will set up their accounting department with hundreds of bookkeepers at branches around the globe. So, it is safe to say that significant requests for bookkeepers will continue in the upcoming years and beyond.


With the correct type of networking relationships, an entry-level bookkeeper in Sydney can increase their salary potential within a short period. When the correct combination of education on this skill with growing professional experience, bookkeepers can grow their choices by pursuing different offers.

Especially in Sydney, Australia, it has been seen that there are multiple bookkeepers instead of working full-time for a single firm, working on a part-time basis, or as freelancers. This way they have multiple projects to work on and end up earning more.